The Facets Of Love

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The Facets of Love True love is capable of sanctifying a marriage so that husband and wife experience a type of love that is indestructible; love fortifies the father-son relationship and gives the family a foundation that can withstand all tests. However, without love, families become filled with bitterness as life turns to mere existence and the family bond is destroyed. Homer, in The Odyssey and Kafka, in "The Metamorphosis" present varying ideas with respect to the theme of love, as it applies to the family.

In "The Metamorphosis," Kafka's portrayal of love within the family is a conditional love that has very little value or substance. Gregor is entrapped in the career of traveling salesman working diligently to pay his parents' debts and provide his sister with a formal education. Gregor shows love and dedication to his family. He feels obligated as he suffers through an unhappy career, sacrificing his own wants and needs in order to serve and provide for the family.

Gregor undergoes a metamorphic change in which he takes on the appearance of an insect, thus rendering him unable to continue supporting his family financially.

Mr. Samsa, Gregor's father, unaware of the situation, quickly becomes aggravated with Gregor. Feeling that Gregor is being plain lazy, Mr. Samsa begins to beat on his bedroom door, demanding Gregor to open the door and present his employer with an excuse for his tardiness; worthy of retaining his position within the company. Once the door is opened and Gregor's horrific condition is revealed, Mr. Samsa aggressively forces Gregor in to his room by stomping, yelling, hissing and beating him with a cane (2749). From this point on, Gregor is condemned to his room. Pitifully, Gregor is neglected and rejected of his family's love. He is forced to live...