Facilitating Group Interaction

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No matter what the setting is, school or our places of business, it might be necessary to work on teams or in groups. In some cases, personal success depends on these teams. Our success will be, measured on how well we perform as part of the teams we belong to and how well the team performed or is performing as well. In the following paper, we will explore how Learning Team A interacts. Strengths and weaknesses as well as conflict management techniques as well as decision-making skills and problem-solving techniques will be, explained.

Strengths and WeaknessesEarning an online degree from the University of Phoenix can be a difficult task. Attending online course is both a convenient and difficult way to attend college. We are mostly working adults with families so this type of schooling is the best alternative to going to an ordinary brick and mortar school before or after working hours.

Although online schooling is convenient, it does offer some communication difficulties, with getting to know each other through the written word being the hardest. This is especially true when working on a learning team. On a learning team, we need to depend on each other to accomplish goals, which will affect our overall grade for the course.

StrengthsThe strengths of members of a learning team are important in order for the team to succeed. In the perfect situation, a team is, made up of members who have worked together for a period on time. However, since we are mostly strangers starting a course together and only working together as a team for four weeks, we need to depend on our individual skills.

In the text, "Working in Groups" we, find that each member of a team has different strengths. These strengths are what power a successful team effort.