Facility research and slection

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Facility Research and Selection


July 7, 2014

Eugene Burwell

Facility Research and Selection

With the recent changes in Affordable Care Act and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) initiative to decrease avoidable hospital readmissions, it would be prudent for the current long-term care facility, Brittany Farms Health Center, to create a sub-acute unit that would provide medical and rehabilitation care to post-acute patients. Research indicates that there is a strong need in the community for this state-of-the-art, patient-centered unit and would be a center of excellence for post-acute patients and partner with the neighboring hospital to collaborate care and transition. Area long-term care facilities do not have such a unit or the one that does, does not have good outcomes. Brittany Farms Health Center has good outcomes and has the ability to develop a post-acute care unit to meet the community's needs.

Summary of Research

New Britain, Connecticut is a large town 10 miles east of Hartford. Brittany Farms Health Center is a long-term facility that is uniquely situated, surrounding four suburban, affluent towns. There is one other long-term care facility in town that is twelve miles away. Within a 25-mile radius, there are three other long-term care facilities, one of which would be considered a direct competitor. Between all facilities, there are 874 beds with an average daily census at 68%. There is one large acute-care hospital within five miles of the facility. This acute- care hospital is the main referral source for the facility and the three other acute-care hospitals within a ten-mile radius are also strong referral sources.

Research indicates that there is only long-term care facility in the area that has a sub-acute unit providing post-acute medical and rehabilitation care. This facility...