Facism: Is it Purely History?

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"F--- Zionism, f--- nationalism, f--- Americanism, f--- militarism, f--- fascism...". Although these lyrics by a popular punk band, Propagandhi, are blunt and to the point, they are not simply words expressed by tattooed, dyed-hair, baggy pant-wearing, multi-pierced punks. These people do not wear Tommy Hilfiger, and some might take drugs that most people have not even heard of, though there is one idea, in particular, in which these people have a point and need to be heard. Many people, including these "skinheads", as some are know, are against fascism. Today there are many neo-fascist groups, such as the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), that share this opinion on fascism.

The New American Webster Handy College Dictionary says fascism is "a strongly nationalistic regime characterized by regimintation, rigid censorship, and suppression of opposition". The New Roget's Thesarrus in Dictionary Form gives synonyms of fascism as "nazism, dictatorship, and totalitarianism".

Fascism is the ruling concept which embodies the theory of Darwinism, otherwise known as "survival of the fittest".

The necessity of struggle for life is a must. It is a type of governemnet that is controlling and at times uses violent measures to control its people.

Fascism was at its' peak during World War II. It was brought about by Benito Mussolini, and then was adapted by Adolf Hitler. Mussolini's fascist revolution lasted over two decades. It proved so traumatic that Italy has yet to come to terms with its' legacy.

Imperialism is the result of aggressive militarism, a leading characteristic of the fascist state; another element is elitism. Fascists reject reason and intelligence. The leader is commonly known as a type of hero. The citizens are made to think that their ruler is, and possesses powers much like that of, "Superman".

Fascism is often the result of weakening confidence in political...