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-Capital city Tenochtitlan. Located in Lake Texacoco.

- Land was very fertile.

- Expanded Tenochtitlan into Lake Texacoco by building artificial islands with mud.



- Fertilized fields with human dung.

- Main meal was at about midday. This was a bowl of corn porridge flavored with honey or pepper.

- Meat was eaten only on special occasions.


- Women and girls dressed in loose, sleeveless blouses and skirts made of cotton and maguey fibers.

- Men wore loincloths with sleeveless ponchos. Carried small pouches under cloaks. Pouches held amulets made of precious stones for good luck.

- Peasants were allowed to wear only plain garments woven from maguey fibers.

- Nobles wore embroidered cotton.


- Sacrificed humans in order so two gods who were always at war would not destroy the universe.

- Men go to "palace of the sun" (heaven) if capture enemy warrior.

- Woman go to "place of the sun" if die during childbirth. They were called divine women.

- Each god represented element in nature and human behaviors.


- Noble boys went to school called Calmecac when they turned twelve until 15yrs.

- Learned to read, write, history, medicine and astrology.

- Peasant boys went to a military training school called a Telpochcalli.

- Learned how to fight, make weapons, religion, and farming.

- Some noble girls went to Calmecac.

- Peasant girls stayed at home with mother and helped with housework.


-Colpulli was a clan that everyone belonged to.

-Each clan had portion of land from which they had to give some produce to the emperor.

-The emperor was the most holy and important person.

-When emperor died nobles chose new emperor.

-Second to the Emperor was the woman-snake (man). He controlled law and taxes, and tribute.