The Factors That Affect Mathematics In A Group Of Grade Five Students In A Rural School: Design for the Collection of Data

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Design for the Collection of DataNumeracy is imperative for endurance in this competitive world. It is very important that students/people are numerate as this will help to determine their life opportunities. The students, the researcher are studying have not accurately mastered the required level in numeracy, consequently will experience major difficulties if this problem is not combated. In an effort to authenticate her opinion the researcher will use the survey method to gather data that will provide information on some factors that affect the Mathematics Performance of a Group of Grade Five students in a rural school in Clarendon.

A survey is described by Creswell (2005) as a means of gathering information. The researcher through this method is provided the opportunity to administer questionnaires to a sample population, in order to acquire information. This type of research is a quantitative research. Thompson (1997), states that a quantitative research places emphasis on empirical data, which means it is measureable.

It describes features of people, places, and object in a quantifiable way.

Research MethodologyThree types of instruments will be used to gather data about the factors that affect Mathematics performance. The instruments are as follows: observation, interviews and questionnaires. The researcher will observe the sample, questionnaires will be completed by students and the teachers of Grade Five will be interviewed.

ProcedureIn an attempt to gather data for this research, permission will be sought via letters to both the principal of the school in question and the parents of the students. Along with the principal and parents, the teachers who will be interviewed will receive a letter requesting their participation. (See Appendix pages for 69 to 77)The data compiled will be presented in the form of tables and graphs. The outcome will be analyzed, interpreted and evaluated by the researcher using the following...