Factors to be considered in selecting textbooks and community resources for the teaching of Computer Science.

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Textbook selectors should thoroughly examine the Computer Science curriculum before they select a textbook. If the curriculum and its objectives are clear and well defined, it will be obvious when a textbook's content is in line with the curriculum and when the objectives of both the textbook and the Computer Science curriculum are in parallel.

When teaching Computer Science it is very important to select the correct textbook as well as to select the right community resource. While it may be difficult and overwhelming to select the right textbook, there are factors that will guide a teacher in selecting the appropriate textbook. Five factors in selecting textbooks are appropriateness, readability, availability, credibility and cost.

The textbook should be appropriate where the content and objectives compared with the Computer Science curriculum are concerned. When students are doing any activity such as an assignment or preparing for a test, they should be able to use just one textbook.

The textbook that is to be chosen should cover all or at least most of the syllabus. This will prevent students from using two or three different textbooks. When some students use more than one textbook for the same subject, they might get confused because of the different styles or levels that the different authors use.

It should have an easy to use glossary, index, appendix, and table of content. The glossary should have all the terminology used in the chapters. This will provide a quick reference for the student. It should also have an activity at the end of each section or chapter, so that the students can test themselves. They will discover whether they understand the concepts of that chapter, or whether they are weak in a particular area and need to revise that area before moving on.

Having the relevant content...