Factors that infulence the ways Americans view death.

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There has been a multiple of factors that have influenced the attitudes and patterns of behavior toward death in the United States. Factors such as modern medicine, less doctor-patient relationships or depersonalization, last but not least is denial, have all contributed to the we Americans view death. This country is obsessed with denying and ignoring death. Everyone seems so afraid of death. I think that we should understand death. These factors all have a bigger effect than we think on they way we interact and live with death. Of them medicine is a main reason.

With the technology of modern medicines it is hard for people to die. Now that there are medications and machines to prolong death people are continuing to live much longer. With medication, diseases are not as common, pain is bearable, and cures seem inevitable. Why would people want to die if they don't have to? The more people continue to prolong death, the harder it is going to be for us as a society to come terms with dealing with death.

Another factor is the depersonalization in public health care. With less and less meaningful relationships between doctor-patient, patients are becoming more reluctant to visit their doctors. People do increasingly not want to die in an impersonal setting. This is why more elderly are not wanting to die in a hospital and hospice programs are becoming more of what patients are looking for. I think it is the student that is not being taught the proper form of patient care only the correct way to diagnose.

Last, which is just as important as the others, is denial. Denial is a step of the grieving process, in which we do not believe what has happened has occurred. People are constantly trying to find answer to...