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Karin Bean

CSI 253-74DCE

Assignment IV


A business has to understand consumer behavior; advertise and target the right group of consumers; foster customer loyalty; provide excellent personalized customer service and maintain a dynamic website.

Understanding consumer behaviors assists businesses in choosing the appropriate marketing and advertisement strategies. Consumer's behavior is influenced by environmental factors such as social variables, (friend's family members, coworkers and the current trend), cultural/community variables (where they live) and other factors such as government regulations, legal constraints, and situational factors.

Depending on the consumer targeted there are several ways to analyze their patterns of shopping online. Very large companies may use market segmentation which divides consumer markets into logical groups. The process requires computer support and is expensive. Segmentation can be done in several ways. For example, the consumer market can be targeted by geographical, demographic, and psychosocial, groups, and then be even scaled down to very fine buying patterns.

By looking at buying patterns, marketers are able to predict online buying behavior, such as shifts in products, customer trends, and may adjust their products, services, and marketing techniques accordingly.

A major factor is customer loyalty. Returning customers represent the core base in any type of business and refer many other customers based on their positive experiences. To increase customer loyalty a company should maintain a one-to-one marketing technique, which can create valuable consumer experiences and enhances the relationship with the customer through personalized services.

One way is to establish a profile for the customer by providing a questionnaire to fill out, another way is to track purchase patterns based on transaction records or links visited at the page. Based on the records, the seller can then e-mail customers new advertisements and specials based on the customer's profile, or...