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General Directions: Read each question carefully and choose the answer which best applies. Mark all answers on Scantron answer sheet provided using number 2 pencil. Blacken the space completely and erase carefully. Be sure to include your social security number and color of the top sheet of your exam on the answer sheet. Good luck and Happy Holidays! 1. What is Simplesse? a. Sucrose polyester, a disaccharide molecules esterified with 8 fatty acids b. The trade name for various gums and hydrocolloids used in food systems c. A 'mist-like' protein made from milk and egg protein d. A gelatinized starch, which blends completely with, fats in food systems 2. A sugar which has been partially refined by removing the surface molasses and is blond in color is a. Brown sugar c. Invert sugar b. Turbinado sugar d. Maple sugar 3. The major difference between marine products and meat and poultry used for food is a.

The amount of connective tissue c. The quality of the protein b. The amount of protein present d. All of the above 4. When sucrose of hydrolyzed, the resulting monosaccharides are a. Glucose and fructose c. Glucose and galactose b. 2 glucose molecules d. Glucose and maltose 5. The effective use of legumes in food preparation depends upon using dry heat methods of food preparation only soaking the legumes in hot water before cooking whether the person eating is vegan adding an acid ingredient at the beginning of cooking to aid in softening 6. What are the sugar alcohols? a. Mannitol, xylitol, and sorbitol c. Noncariogenic sweeteners b. Sweeteners provide 2-kcal/g d. All of the above 7. Why has there been emphasis in recent years on increasing the consumption of marine products in the American diet? a. Many fish are lower in total fat and...