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Which kind of America will win more respect in the world -- one that uses its power recklessly, against the advice of key allies, or one that shapes a broad consensus, builds international institutions and contains threats without needless and destabilizing wars

Last weekend, Nebraska Senator, Chuck Hagel, compared Iraq to Vietnam. Senator Hagel said we are "bogged down" in Iraq, and that the situation there was "not dissimilar" to quagmire the US found itself in during the Vietnam conflict. He also pointed out that our continued presence in Iraq jeopardized the stabilization of the entire Middle East. And having served in Vietnam during that war, Chuck Hagel knows first-hand what a real quagmire is.

Jan. 15 BBC poll asked, "Has the government proved the case for a war with Iraq? 81% said no. Just 19% said yes.

70% of the Pakistani public said they hold an unfavorable view of our country.

War plans are alienating the French public, where 75% believe that "the main reason the United States would go to war with Iraq would be 'because the U.S. wants to control Iraqi oil.'

There is no evidence justifying a war. The Bush administration has claimed to have it but they have not produced it - either to make their case to the American public or (as far as we know) to guide U.N. arms inspectors who have asked for it. Only this week (Jan. 14) did chief U.N. inspector Hans Blix announce that some materials "from several sources" have become available

There is no identifiable connection between Al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein

If Saddam were to possess weapons of mass destruction, a war on Iraq might make him more, not less, likely to use them in desperation in the twilight of a dying regime - a conclusion of...