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AUDIENCE: An autistic child has an effect on everyone in contact with him. Therefore, my audience would be set for parents/family, teachers, and other children. My research is on what exactly autism is and the facts on it, the symptoms and other social behavior in an autistic child. My purpose for is that if you come into contact with an autistic child you will not be afraid but will understand what the child is going through.

http://www.mhsource.com/hy/autism.html (Dogpile-autism)

1. This particular site gave facts on autism, stating it is not a disease, but a developmental disorder of the brain. It told the three main symptoms, which are the social interaction, nonverbal communication, and the lack of interests. It also told about the signs of autism, the failure to respond to a question or a conversion, eye contact, having the since of emotions. It also touches on the self-stimulation jumping, flapping hands, and rocking.

Then it went into detail of how it is treated, what is being studied on it and some other factors of how you can help.

http://webmd.lycos.com/content/asset/adam_disease_autism (HotBot-symtoms)

2. This site was a very good one. It stated a lot of the symptoms of autism. Unresponsiveness, attachment, language impairment, just to name a few charteristics. It told you at the age of three if a child is autistic some of these signs should be starting to show. This site briefly went into some of the treatments, like different types of therapy. A good comment said in this site is that there is no prevention to autism because the cause of this disorder is still unknown.

http://www.autism.org/social.html (Goodle-center for the study of autism)

3. Social behavior is a very big part in every autistic child. So this site was a must have. It went into...