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Fad Diets:What is a fad diet?A fad diet is a rapid weight loss plan or aid that promises dramatic results. However, the guides are not long lasting and usually they are not a healthy choice and may result in harm to your health.

Why do people use fad diets?People are often willing to take part in a diet that promises quick and drastic results to lose weight. People want to obtain the “perfect image” that celebrities and the media put out. Everybody wants to feel confident and good about themselves and their bodies.

Why do fad diets fail?Fad diets always fail since your weight goes up. Afterwards, you proceed by slashing your intake of calories and fat on your new fad diet only to gain all the weight back shortly after. This yo-yo dieting leaves you weighing even more then you began with and making you feel worse about your body.

Examples of fad diets:The cabbage soup diet: The cabbage soup diet is very simple. All you can eat cabbage for every meal. Since a decent portion size of cabbage is only approximately 21 calories and has barely any fat or carbohydrates a lot of people believe in this diet. However this diet can be dangerous and hazardous since you lack a lot of nutrients.

Wu Long slimming tea: This special tea that you are suppose to drink 4 times a day magically slims your body down. People confide in this diet because you are aloud to eat anything you want.

The south beach diet: The south beach diet created by Arthur Agatson is a special diet which emphasizes the intake of “good fats” and “good carbohydrates”. This diet has 3 stages each getting stricter and the intake of fats becomes significantly lower.

The Atkins Diet: The Atkins diet is...