Fade To Color, a Kindergartener's Tale

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Sun streams through the neighboring classrooms. But not ours. Our classroom’s littered with brightly colored paints and nap time mats but shrouded in a dull gray. My pudgy 5-year-old face is greased with sweat and grime left over from recess. I take a clean t-shirt sleeve, wipe off the droplets on my forehead and skip to the elderly teacher with the wrinkly frown. Even the sticky weather and dark creepy classroom can’t put me down today. Graduation is soon soon soon! Next week, to be precise. Then I can finally get away from all the gray and plunk myself into the swirling color and sunny room of first grade! Unfortunately, I’ll have to make it through the ‘kindergarten frolics’ first.

The ‘kindergarten frolics’ is school’s rendition of a graduation ceremony, some what of a cross between a school musical and an indoor picnic. I’ve spent what feels like years sitting on cracked wooden bleachers next to two short nose-pickers singing song after song at rehearsals.

I can’t wait for all of the commotion to be over so I can get away from the dull gray room I’m standing in now.

It’s now time to pick up the props we made for the ‘frolics’. We’re supposed to wave them (the teacher called them stickies) around during the last song, “this little light of mine”. Mine is a loosely rolled piece of paper colored randomly with bright purple and blue strips of tissue paper hanging out from one side’s hole. I used every color from my brand new box of crayons. It’s absolutely perfect! I walk towards the low desk smack dab in the middle of the classroom and look for my stickies. There are only two left, mine and a really plain yellow one that’s missing pretty tissue paper.

I recognize...