Fading Love

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Through the fogginess of the early dawn, Dominique and Damian where taking advantage that Dominique's grandmother was away for the weekend, and sneaked out of the house to go out to the mountains, to see the sunrise until the late morning since it would be the last time that they would see each other because Damian's mother had gotten a better job offer across town. Dominique's grandmother did not allow them to be together, because they were too young. Dominique was 14 a very firelight completion, beautiful big hazel eyes, with curly long hair. She was very beautiful, she did not look like a 14 year old she looked older, and she was more developed than other girls her age. Dominique was sort of a tom boy ,her and Damian would go up to the mountains a play wrestling .Damian was 14 also and he was very handsome ,light brown hair ,hazel brown eyes.

Damian was a very low tempered person, as well as Dominique.

Damian and Dominique lived near the mountains they would go up there and meet each other. That morning was dark and foggy like other mornings but something of it wasn't right. Damian and Dominique where playing as usual freeze tag. While Damian was running after Dominique, she got scared and she fell down into the lake. Damian's called him out from the front of his house and said "Damian you are going to be late for football practice you better hurry up". Damian had always had an interest in football.

Mean while Dominique was somewhere in the lake unconscious. Damian hadn't realize he had left her there , he was more worried of himself not getting into trouble, because he knew that he would get in trouble.

A week later went Damian had just move into his new house, he was sitting down in front of the television set all by himself, he was flipping through the channels when he saw a picture of Dominique on the screen. The reporter, said that she had been reported lost for a week and if any one knew anything about her to call the police. Damian's reaction was shocking, he was wondering if what had happened to Dominique had been his fault. "Dominique is lost!" He knew that if he said anything about them seen each other for the last time at the mountains that he would get in trouble.

The search went on for months, and Damian had forgotten all about it, he had moved from his house and moved on with his life. He started his own life across town. Everything was different out there for him. Damian was about to start a new life without even looking back at Dominique.

The first day of J.R high School, Damian was worried but every excited about his new life. His first day was very excited, pretty good, looking girls were all over him. Damian was handsome and tall with wide shoulders; he had on a sweat suit, some sneaker with a short fade. "Damn I never knew J.R high School could be so much fun" he remarked. "Man the bell is about to ring and I Don't know were the hell my class is at", as he approaches a group of guys. "Hey man I was wondering if any of you fellows knew where this class is at." said Damian. One of the guys said "Yeah man is the same class we've got, come roll with us ". Another guy asked him what his name was. Damian asked them what their names were, one of the guys said: my name Joe and this are my boys, Mikey, John, Rick, and Dee. Why don't you kick-it with us after class, during lunch"? "Yeah I'll kick-it with all of you! " Damian thought the guys looked kind of tuff, but he didn't care he wasn't alone at school no more, he felt kind of cool because he was kicking-it with the cool guys at school. He felt like if he finally had power over something. Popularity was something else to him, it meant that he could do what ever he liked and it would be considered as cool. He was part of that group that everyone was afraid of, and wanted to be a part of.

Year's went by and Damian and the guys were still in the football team, they had joined at school, since J.R high School. When Damian got to high School he was playing football for Garfield high. He was quarter back for the varsity team, and of course Joey and all the guys where in the team too.

Damian was really popular he was with the head cheerleader. Her name was Angela. Angela was blond, with a rich tan, very pretty with blue green eyes, she looked like and angle. Damian had, had a crush on her since they had only been together for 2 years, 11th and at senior year.