Fahrenheit 451

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We are reading a classic bestseller by Ray Bradbury entitled Fahrenheit 451.

Guy Montag is a fireman who's job is to burn books. Guy violates the rules by starting to read this makes many people mad. There is now a whole bunch of problems throughout the department and at home. Each one of the characters can fit into a certain archetype. An archetype is a certain category of personalities for each character. There are many characters in this book that can fit into several different cultural archetypes.

I think that Captain Beatty portrays the perfect villain archetype in the book, I will show you why with some quotes. "The whole house is going up."(38) This quote is when they go to the old woman's house to burn books. Captain Beatty decides they should burn the whole house down instead of just the books, he is also killing a woman. "Here we are."(110)

This quote comes when they pull up to the house that they got the call from. Beatty says in a happy voice "here we are." Montag sees that it is his house and Beatty is liking the fact that Montag is suffering. Beatty is a villain because he is violating everything, and I guess committing crimes but he is also tricking Montag into doing these acts of crime too.

Montag fits perfectly into the archetype of a rebel, I will now explain why. "We begin by beginning."(68) This quote comes when Montag shows Mildred all the books he has been hiding.

She asks him where do they begin and Montag answers. "Dover Beach."(99) This quote comes when all of Mildred's friends are meeting with each other. Montag listens and doesn't like what they have to say. He reads a poem called "Dover Beach" and the women are mad...