Fahrenheit 451

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IndividualismIn the world of a book, knowledge, morals, and characteristics build upon the readers which are addressed by the author. Ray Bradbury wrote Fahrenheit 451, a futuristic look at a man and his role in society. I would like to live in the insane world of this book. In the future, where we are committed to build an academically horrific and widely non- diverse community. An era of the forthcoming filled with consternation, trepidation, and concealed knowledge. After reading this book my freshmen year of high school, it opened my mind to the different dimensions of opinions and the scarcity of knowledge. The world of Fahrenheit 451, helped me understand the how providential and fortune our society is, to have the knowledge of history and literature.

The book takes place in a setting where firemen are there to burn books at 451 degrees. If I could live in the world of Fahrenheit 451, I would learn much about people, the community, and the society of life.

I would surely break free, like Guy Montag, and open my doors to freedom of knowledge. It would be an experience, where I would loose all the rights I was given at birth, freedom and liberty. This world would challege my individualism and characteristics, and defines my personality. From growing up in an accepted society to a society of rejection.

Censorship of books, traces to extinction knowledge. My most precious items are my books. Each book differs in subject and topic, ranging from history, literature, and mathematics. The knowledge I receive is valuable and prized, I would not exist in world which bans my treasured knowledge. However, living in a society, where civilization is against one person, because of their curiosity of knowledge, would be appealing to me. I would...