Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451

One of the biggest issues raised in this book was the idea

that people are starting to forget more about books and what they

mean. People have started to take books for granted, instead

of reading books they watch a movie or a program on the

television. People do not realize that books, scrolls,

manuscripts are a big part of our past.

Since the beginning of time, people have been recording

things they saw, did and took part in on birch bark and later

very primitive paper. People do not realize that without those

scratching on the birch bark that we would have no recollection

of the past. Sure there would have been word of mouth, but

things would have gotten so turned around that it would not have

been our past anymore, it would have been a made up one. In the

time of Shakespeare there were no televisions, not even close to

that technology yet.

Who would we study and learn about, if no

one had written things. Man kind would be studying the man who

had invented the television because he would have been able to

record himself, and then everything after that, which is only

about fifty years. But without the recordings of Einstein and

all the other famous scientists, television probably would not be

invented that early.

In our day and age people are watching too much television.

We figure that everything that is in books is on the television.

If we need to learn about something we rent a movie about it or

watch a show on it. No one reads books anymore just for the fun

of it, or so they can read the paranormal, science fiction,

horror, classics, fiction or non-fiction novel that surround our

world. If we want to...