Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

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17 September 2014

What evidence demonstrates that things are not ashappy asthey appear in Montag's life?

Montag is living a life behind a mask. His mask portrayed happiness while his emotions were obscure. He was living the life the government wants him to live, but that is soon to change.. Montag went about his day as any other citizen, with a smile on his believing that his world was perfect. Someone would come into his life and make him see the flaws of the world.

"Montag grinned the fierce grin of all men singed and driven back by flame," writes Bradbury. Montag just went along with the procedures of a fireman. He didn't question why he was burning houses, why books are outlawed, he just went with the course. He realized the wrongdoings of his job when he watched the woman burn for her books.

It shows a lot when you die for a cause you believe in, and Montag saw that when the woman commit self-immolation.

While walking home from the firehouseone evening, Montagstumbles upon a teenage girl by the nameof Clarisse McClellan. "You laugh when I haven't been funny and you answer right off. You never stop to think what I've asked you." writes Bradbury (6). Montag never stopped to think about what was being said to him. He didn't analyze and mull over the information.Clarisse made him ponder hisactions,happiness,and past emotions.