Fahrenheit451 - A Look At A Major Theme

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Fahrenheit 451 - A World Without Books

Fahrenheit 451 emphasizes some key down points in our society today. The more technology has advanced the last few years, the less time people have to concentrate on real learning. Reading books is one of the most beneficial ways to learn. A well written book allows you to increase your vocabulary, and can help you to learn to use your imagination. Fahrenheit 451 shows the possible outcome of a society without literature.

As the dawn of the 21st century has come upon us, we have become more and more oblivious to the past. The things that we focus on now are who the next big star will be, or who will win the Super Bowl. We pay very little to the things that were greatly cherished in the past, such as books, or poems. This lack of interest in books has influenced the way that our children are growing up, and the things that they are exposed to in their everyday lives.

The technological advances in the 21st century have been a large part of the decreasing interest in books. With all the information that is available through many resources, such as the internet, we find little need to take a trip down to the local library. Also, with the increase in television being watched by our youth, they no longer find times were they can just sit and read. As people become increasingly drawn into the media, they loose focus on what is going on elsewhere, such as in the government.

In future generations, there may no longer be an interest for what goes on in the government, the culture may become like the socially distorted society in which Fahrenheit 451 takes place. With people no longer involved with anything but entertainment,