Failed or succeeded?

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EssayFailed or succeeded?Ancient Greece strongly impacted the world we live in today. It gave us many important ideas and answered thousands of basic scientific questions without which we can not imagine modern science. In addition the period 4th and 5th centuries bore many artists and sculptors who were the fundament to the modern art. 4th and 5th centuries of ancient Greece were full of both successes and failures. Even though both of the identities, Ephialtes and Leonidas were Spartans each one of them differed in their characters and deeds. Ephialtes was a failure who betrayed his own country. Leonidas on the contrary was a patriot and a successful King.

Being a king doesn’t always mean being a successful one. To be a successful identity one needs to finish the things he planned to do, or in other words never give up. Success does not depend on your “excellent” ancestry.

It depends on the way you are and actions you take. During the battle of Thermopylae King Leonidas knew the fact that he is going to die. He knew that it was impossible to defeat the Persian army with merely 300 people. However Leonidas didn’t give up until his last breath. He fought for the victory of his state even though there was no chance of wining the battle. Looking for challenges pulled Leonidas to the top of success. Although he was a king, he didn’t sit at one place and wait for an opportunity to find him, he looked for it himself. Leonidas wasn’t only a great and patriotic king but there was also a brave simple Spartan soldier sitting inside him. His audacity, self confidence, will for hard work and patience made him a successful king and an epitome to his soldiers. All in all, Leonidas matched all...