The failure of American Education

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Seena Mathew

Professor Chapman Roach

AP English IV

18 September 2014

First Draft

After World War II, the war changed America into a superpower. Decades later, Americans continued to pave the path in every field on top of the world. In fact, Horace Mann is the crusader that created public education, revolutionizing America, and also the world. This good fortune, however didn't last for long; soon America was trailing behind foreign countries while still paying thousands of dollars per child more than any other country. American government sadly thought that investing more money into schools and programs such as "No child left behind" will fix this problem. As Bob Barr, a leading educator plainly says, "Continuing to pour money into a system that has no real accountability is no way to ensure our children regain the competitive edge they enjoyed in generations past". The American public education system quality is declining; however, America can find the solution from Canada and Finland

Finland's society and culture display a shift away from teachers as average and interchangeable to teachers as professionals and leaders.

Teachers in Finland are in equal status of doctors and lawyers, even earning more money than them. They are respected and admired in Finland. The United States has thousands of different types of teacher programs. Finland has only one rigorous teacher preparation school. Teachers in Finland are required to have at least one master's degree from the country's research universities. Like Medical school, getting into the teacher program in Finland is a battle. Only "the best and brightest" are accepted. Additionally, teachers in Finland have to display leadership and morals needed to be a teacher to be chosen. Canada doesn't allow fast track teacher preparation programs like "Teach America" in the country. This program, thought to...