Failures of The Articles of Confederation

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The ratification of the Articles of Confederation brought forth several positive and negative results. The Articles provided some protection for the states, allowing Congress to declare war, and allowing them to retain their sovereignty. Unfortunately the ills of the Articles greatly out-numbered its successes; they did not give the Government he power to levy or enforce taxes and therefore were unable to supply the armed forces with their necessary supplies. Also the Articles of Confederation, to make any amendments needed to ratification of all 13 states and thus amendments were made almost completely possible to reach.

Of all the negative effects the Articles had on the nation, they must be recognized for their accomplishments while they were in effect. First is the ability for the Government to declare war during peacetime. This was a right that was absolutely necessary to the nation. The states were currently in the midst of fighting a war and giving the government the ability to declare war ensured that every state would be protected from foreign threats, regardless of the state of their own militia.

The Government would now be able to declare war as a nation and gain military support from other states.

The newly formed America was currently fighting to free themselves from the tyranny that had be inflicted upon them during the days of King George's ruling. Another monarchy, which a firmly set centralized government with a distinct hierarchy was the very last thing, the states were looking to establish. Therefore the ability for the states to retain their sovereignty through the Articles can be considered a positive. The states gained the right to govern themselves and allow their citizens to give their allegiance their representatives, rather than a king or high ruler who has no commonality between them; all the...