Fair is foul, and foul is fair.

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"What can I do, there has to be something we can do. I can't just sit around and let him get away with it. It's like letting someone get away with murder. Ok maybe not that bad. Murder. What about...no what am I thinking I cant believe how much it has bugged me that I nearly resorted to committing a serious crime," Katie says quietly to herself as Matthew listen in rudely. Yes, he knows it's rude but he just wanted to know if they're on the same wavelength. By the way Katie is Matthew's very strongly opinionated girlfriend and both of them have worked themselves up over this play they are doing called Macbeth. She has the part of Lady Macbeth and Ben her snobby stuck up ex-boyfriend is playing the part of Macbeth while he is the understudy. The only reason he got it is because his rich parents paid the directors money to give him the part.

Every day Matthew goes to watch and support my girlfriend as she practices her parts in the hall with Ben. He sits in the third row behind the backstabbing directors who sold his part away to someone no where near deserving of it. He sit and watch her every second, he knows her every thought. Matthew watches as she cringes as he grabs her. The play is only days away and they still can't think of a way to get him out of the main part, they have begged the directors but still they will not let me play his dream time part.

"I can't stand having to kiss him one more time," she screams.

" Let's just go to bed and get some sleep; it is only two more nights before the big day," Matthew softly said.

That night at exactly 12am he heard the window creak so he sat up. Katie must have heard it too as she also sat up.

"What was that," she asked.

"I don't know," he replied.

"It was us," three witches said in harmony.

Katie jumps in to my arms scared out of her wits.

"Who, show you self," Matthew demanded Slowly three witches emerge from the darkness saying together.

"It is us who know your deepest desires, us who make them come true, us who can change you life forever," they replied spookily.

"What do you mean, what do you want," he stumble.

"It is not us that want something it is you and we can give it to you. A little something called the main role in the play," they reply.

"Ok we will do anything to get that part," Katie desperately replies.

"We don't want anything, but I hope you know your lines cause now you have the part. Fair is foul, and foul is fair hover through the fog and filthy air," they said as they disappeared.

They looked at each other in a mixture of emotions: happiness, disbelief and fear. They lay back and fell asleep.

It was the day before the big day and as Katie and Matthew walk into the large theatre they she everyone huddled around with a sad look on there faces. They walked towards them and asked what had happened and to our surprise they hear that Ben is very ill in hospital and won't be able to participate in the play tomorrow and that Matthew will play his part. He looks at Katie in surprise. Could it have been that the witches we saw come through. Matthew is scared; he did really want anything bad to happen to him.

He ran out of the hall and jumped straight into his car, he could not stand another second looking at the faces. He was overcome by guilt for not all the water in the ocean will clean him of this deed. He sped down the street and skidded around the corner as a million thoughts went through his head, the witches talking to him, walking into the hall and seeing everyone's sad faces and hearing those words Ben is very ill and is in hospital. He watched his speedometer as it went up and up he closed his eyes to clear his head and as he opened them he knew they were my last few seconds, for he did not see the cliff he would soon fall off.