The fair go system in australia.

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Hello teacher, and fellow classmates I am here today to talk to you about egalitarianism.

Egalitarianism is a belief in equality for all people no matter what class, age, sex or religion. My

Opinion is that Australia is not an egalitarian society because not everyone is treated equally. Many people have been discriminated for being in some sort of group whether it is their class, age, race, sex or religion

One group that has not been treated equally is the aboriginals. Until recently the aboriginals had been left out of society for many years. They were out casts in their own homeland because people would discriminate them for their beliefs and color. Now they are accepted into society but are still not being treated as equals.

The poor are another group that are not treated equally, just because of their financial position they are treated with less respect. I think that governments should spend more money on getting the homeless into the work force and getting them off the streets.

People that live out in the country have it hard because their quality of life is downgraded because of their remoteness. If someone was to move from the country to the city and apply for a job it would be hard to get that job because there are people that are more qualified and better educated and used to city life.

We should stop judging people just because they are different to us. We should realize that we are not perfect ourselves if we realize this Australia would be closer to the dream of an egalitarian society.

Thank you for listening to my speech and I hope that I have taught you something about egalitarianism today.