Fair Play For Women Athletes.

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Do you think that women have fair play in athletics, particularly in college athletics? Why or why not? In 1972, Title 1X was passed giving women equal opportunity in the field of athletics. It stated that no person base on their sex should be excluded from participating in sports or denied benefits. Title 1X gave women athletes a break through in sports and now they are dominating across the board. However, women athletes particularly in college are still behind men in almost every area of athletics. Currently, there is not one female sport that gets the same amount of attention as male counterparts.

Women are not equally recognized as men in college sports or professional. Over the decades, men's sports always had an overwhelming effect on society; it draws fans by the tens of thousands to their games. Unlike women's sports, society looks upon as second class citizen, it only draws hundreds maybe thousands of fans compared to men sports.

Men get all the attention in sports, the fame, the fans, the money and the endorsements. That is the way it has been for hundreds of years and women did the lighter things: like cheerleading and dance. Men's sports today still dominate and it will only change if society recognized it as a problem.

In society, women get treated differently in sports from size of the budget to the numbers of scholarship given by college athletics department. Unfairness goes all the way down to the team's roster. Male sports such as football have lager rosters than women's sports such as volleyball. (Solba49) David Roach, the athletic director at Brown University expressed frustration in a Washington Post opinion piece .

"What is a college to do? Almost of Brown's 17 women's teams have room for addition athletes. Meanwhile, all of the...