Fairy Tales and Emile

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Over the course of this semester many different reading materials were presented to the class, which dealt with gender issues, role and characteristics. Each reading presented a different aspect of the development of the ideas of male and female in different time periods. The two readings, which interested me the most, were the Fairy Tales and "Emile". In general, these two readings had very similar views concerning gender roles and characteristics. Further more, gender roles in both "Emile" and the Fairy Tales were stated in a clear manner. For the purpose of this critical essay, the three points of focus, relation to the two readings will be how beauty in a female is essential, the female is seen as a minority in the society and requires the role of a male in her life. Lastly, how the male is there to save and rescue the female from any harm. Fairy Tales and "Emile" present similar arguments on these four points.

In Fairy Tales, women are presented as pure and beautiful beings, who have no flaws in their physical beauty and appearances. A good example of this concept can be seen in the Fairy Tale, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." Her name (Snow White) says a significant about her character in the tale. She is portrayed as an innocent, pure and beauty girl who is made to be very naive to the outside world. A general characteristics of all the Fairy Tales is that, very little focus and emphasis is put on a intellectual side of a female, because it is the beauty which the men are drawn to. The reason that beauty and physical appearance are presented as important factors to women is because this allows them (the females) to be chosen by males, since looks...