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Once upon a time there was a queen named Mrs. Angel. She lived in a far away castle with the king named Mr. Angel. One day Mrs. Angel gave birth to a princess named Kristeen. Kristeen had long blonde hair and her smiles looked like watermelons. A few days later the queen had a party to celebrate Kristeen's birthday. The king wanted Kristeen to have five fairy godmothers. So the day of the party Kristeen got a lot of presents. When everyone was eating vanilla cake, the fairy godmothers gave one wish each to Kristeen. When the 5th godmother was about to give Kristeen her wish, an evil witch named Lily said "Why didn't you invite me to the party?" Lily was upset, cast a spell, and cursed Kristeen. The curse was that Kristeen will die by the age of 16. The curse will break only if Kristeen found true love.

When the King found out he wanted to cry. The king had a plan. He told his servants put up flyers all over the village that read "Looking for Prince Charming for my daughter Kristeen." The word spread as quick as a fox. All types of boys came to the castle everyday from near and far places hoping Kristeen would fall in love with one of them, but none of them were charming enough. The King was getting worried and so was Kristeen because time was running out. When Kristeen was 15 she had another birthday party. At the party she was asked if she wanted to dance by a very handsome guy David D. Everyone knew who David D. was because he was a prince from the far west. Kristeen told him she would love to dance. Kristeen fell in love and a few days later he...