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Diane felt her dog, Tag tugging her jeans. She pushed the Golden Retriver away gently. She was trying to knit a scarf for her friend's birthday present and was getting frustrated as it proved difficult to do knitting without the help of her eyes. However Tag continued to tug her, making Diane mad and was about to lecture him for bothering her when she heard him whining. That made Diane stop and listen. The whine sounded urgent as if something terrible had occurred.

Tag was a Golden Retriever that she adopted just a few weeks ago after that tragic car accident that left her in a world of darkness. She had made the decision after heeding her friends' advice. She had no family, not anymore since her father, the only family she had, passed away in the accident. She decided to get a guide dog when The Association for the Blind approached her.

A guide dog would make it much easier for her to move around, especially now that she was living alone in her apartment, that was what she was told.

Not long after she was discharged from the hospital, Tag arrived. She had to attend training sessions with the dog and was informed of how to take care of him properly. Diane learned to trust him and with their valuable teamwork, Diane found herself moving around easily with the help of Tag. In addition, Tag was the only comfort in her life, and more than once did she find herself weeping uncontrollably whenever she thought of her father's demise. Tag would then jump to her lap and lick her tears away and bark softly as if he was comforting her in his language.

Now, Tag was whining continuously and his high-pitched whine scared Diane. He had been whining...