Faith and Reason

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There are numerous ideas and theories trying to explain how faith and reason are related. Darwinian's evolution theory is based on mutation and natural selection, while Michael Behe states that Darwinians theory cannot explain the complexity in the biological world, therefore Darwinians theory is not legitimate. This is just one example of many theories that may be explored. I believe in many different theories because of the way I was raised. There is not an explanation for everything, therefor I believe in putting different theories together and creating my own theory.

We know the universe is fifteen billion years old, and the Earth five billion. We also belief that God created the world in six days. How are these to be? The short answer is that they were never meant to be. It is one thing to see through the eyes of faith, but it is another thing to be blinded by faith without reason.

We can observe, and by observation, create theories that predict other things, and this has been proven by science. This has historically been very successful; we cannot put aside the theory of evolution, nor the theories of an old earth. Science has a place, and religion does, too.

The book of Genesis talks about the Moon a "lesser light" (Genesis 1:16), when we now know by science (through observation first, and proved by men landing on it) that the Moon's surface is made of rock, and that it does not produce any light of its own. It certainly appears to be a light, but it is not one; it does light the night, but it is not a light. So which do we believe in, science or religion? I believe the simple fact of the matter is, we cannot throw out things that make sense,