"Faith Prevails, Not Fact" - a book report following a theme in Dan Brown's book "The daVinci Code"

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What if The Holy Grail was not the chalice that Lord Jesus Christ drank wine from for the last time? What if the Holy Grail symbolizes the wedded wife of Lord Jesus, the Saviour Christ and the Son of God? What if this is only one of the truths that the Holy Church has concealed for about two thousand years? The mystery and the wonderment that lies in people's faith and beliefs is more important than the facts that might prove them right or wrong. In "The Da Vinci Code" , the key characters have unswayable faith and act accordingly, carving out the fate of the protagonists, Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu, and the outcome of the novel. A murderous albino, a recklessly determined British historian and the heroic brotherhood called the Priory of Sion - all have a common goal - to sway the fate of the Holy Grail towards the bias of their faith and beliefs.

Their individual pursuits and encounters with the protagonists reveal the details about the truth and the lies that fog the perception of the Holy Grail.

Right from the first incident in the story till the climax, an albino is depicted as a monk who has been sent by the Church to kill every person that comes in the way of the attainment of the Holy Grail. Silas believes that because the Opus Dei and the Bishop Aringarosa led him to washing away his sins, his goal lies in following the self-punishing ways of his cult and in aiding whatever the Church wishes to achieve. His blind faith in the Church is shown when he justifies his actions by thinking that "His service to God today had required the sin of murder, and ... in his heart for all eternity." Silas believes...