Is faith rational?

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There are many factors that can contribute to a person's success in life; in order to be rational and successful in life, a correct faith should be performed well. The definition of the faith is the will power which can be volition and decision making rather than having a practical result. It is also a belief which would be religious faith or the trust with boosting one's confidence to accomplish something or even can help people our. And this belief can be good or bad, it depends on what kinds of belief that we have or what kinds of religion that we believe. Someone's faith is strong while others are weak; in other words, someone's faith is easily be swayed while others won't. Whether a person is on behalf of study or on behalf of work, he or she is more likely to succeed if he or she has the faith such as hard working, honest, intelligent, responsible and so on.

But of all these possible characteristics that can also affect one's success, I believe the faith of being self confidence is the major premise that we should think of. And I will state a few reasons why it is important in a sense to be rational. Moreover, to keep the faith of one's religion is good for us because people would have a chance to learn how to be a good person without doing something harmful to the society or community. However, there are minorities of the religions are evil minded and they should be banned so as to make a peaceful world.

The first reason of self confidence is part of faith because when a person has no confidence, how can he have will power do things rationally and successfully. That is to say, if a person believes...