Fake Faces: A song about how we feel in school walking down the hallways.

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Fake Faces

Walking down the hallway

All the people lined up against the wall

They all hide their true selves

Telling me lies and rumors

Nobody is real they're all fake

It's all a put on


All of the fake faces

Surround me like the walls I built up

They smile like nothing's wrong

They talk like everything's perfect

They act like it's all a dream

They don't know its hurting me

All of the fake faces

Sitting in class

All of the people looking at me constantly

They all hide their grief

Hiding who they are

And consuming themselves

Nobody is themselves

It's all a put on


All of the fake faces

Hide who they really are

They hide all of the emotion

The pain starts to take over their soul

And they hide so nobody knows

Who there really are

Chorus 2 X