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Pierce 1

Jamar Pierce


Period 1

Leaning Accountability Report

During the second week of English 3 in Mrs. Parker's class we went over two subjects that are new to me. One of them were context types, another was Blooms Taxonomy. I believe that using these new activities will positively change my understanding. We went over what our class experience will be like and how we will be using a different method than just the standard English classes. The method we are using is the IB learner's method and I like this method

In the context types activity I enjoyed going over what literature actually meant rather than just reading it. I thought it was pretty cool how we had the good bad and interesting project and we got to work in partners. I learned that sometimes just changing the environment or word play you can turn words around.

I'd like to continue getting to understand the different types of literature so that I can examine different commercials and advertisements. I like to work in groups so this activity was my favorite that we've done in class so far and I'd like to do more of those types of activities or assignments.

Another activity that we learned in class so far was Blooms Taxonomy. During this activity it showed me the different levels of the objectives that we are expected to uphold. I like learning definitions. For me this gives me something to strive for so that I know how well I should be doing and not slacking off. I look forward to trying my best to learn at the highest level to prepare myself for college. I don't really like the individual reading we did during this assignment

The last activity that enjoyed was reading and analyzing...