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James Rockafether died last week at the age of 118, though he suffered from ALZHEIMER's disease, he lived a long prosperous life. Rockafether owned a 4,000 acre lot adjacent to our 8,000 acre tree farm. Rockafether never had logging on this land when he was alive, but he also never specified in his will what could or would be done with the land, after his death. The result is the Department of the Interior, has ended up with this land. The issue is what to categorize the land. Then there is the greenhouse effect, green house gases absorb within the atmosphere. Green house gasses include Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Ozone, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrous Acids, CFC's (Chloro Fluro Carbon, most commonly found in aerosol cans) and Oxygen. These chemical gasses are in the atmosphere and stop about 99% of the heat that is being reflected from th Earth, from going back out.

This causes the Earth to warm up. This principle can be related to the Earth with the Ozone being like the walls of a greenhouse, containing chemical gasses, and the contents of the greenhouse being the Earth. The Ultra Violet rays from the Sun are converted as they hit the Earth and the Ozone layer, like the walls of the greenhouse are preventing them from going back out. The last would be the Reagan administration passed laws back in 1983, allowing logging of National Forest Lands in accordance with the Executive Order 111672.

Political and Enviromental effects

The Environmental effects deal with the issue of the greenhouse effect which was explained earlier. Rockafether was ill and not in the right state of mind, and from an older generation, he would have been unaware, of the potential risk and benefits of allowing the logging of this forest. The risk is...