The Fall Of The Aztecs

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The Fall of The Aztecs The Spanish Explorers, lead by Hernand Cortes', came to Mexico in search of gold, silver, and other riches. These men were Christian and were not use to the ways of the Aztecs. They were described as light skinned men, with beards. Aztec scouts told the Aztec King,Moctezuma II, about the light skinned men they saw.

Moctezuma II, thought of the prophetcy of the light skinned god of the peace, Quetzalcho'atl. The prophecy was that a light-skinned god would come back to the Aztec civilization, returning from a great journey.

Even though Moctezuma II was not sure that this was the coming of the god Quetzalzalcho'atl, he sent other Aztecs to greet the strange light-skinned men. The Spanish would begin to bring gifts to the Aztecs. The leader of the Spanish men, Cortes', would use an Indian women named Marina to translate and compromise with the Aztecs.

This woman became very useful to Cortes' and his men. Moctezuma II became very fearful of the men, because he thinks that they are gods. So he sent them gifts of gold. When Cortes' received the gifts of gold, he and his men realized that the Aztecs had the riches that they desired.

Cortes' and his men planned to steal the Aztec's gold. The Spanish would go to the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan. They would not have to fight, because of the prophecy of Quetzalcho'ati. Moctezuma II was scared of Cortes' and his men. He allowed them into the city. The Aztecs would have a great celebration for Cortes' and his men. The Aztecs would make many sacrifices, hoping to please these men, whom which they think are gods.

The Spanish were Christians and felt that the Aztecs were killing for no good reason and...