Fall Of The Legend

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Speech 101-00804/28/04Fall Of The LegendUnquestionable, he is the most famous English language writer in the history. His body of work is so loved and so studied that it has been translated into more languages train any other printed work except the Bible. He was a legend, a phenomenon, upon the earth. For me he is a statue of creativity and a sense of uniqueness. He is the most influential person in my life. He is none other than William Shakespeare. Born in April at Stratford-upon-Avon, England in 1564, William Shakespeare was born to a farmer and gentry and from very early age he showed an interest in storytelling. William Shakespeare was third child of eight born in John and Mary Shakespeare. William Shakespeare was an ambitious man who ever lived on the face of earth. He is till famous playwright even after is death. I was so impressed when I read MacBeth, the depth and the uniqueness that he had put into work is just unbelievable.

Yet much of his life is mystery to us, as he did not keep a journal and none of his personal letters has survived. Today the only things we have of Shakespeare are his plays, poems, business document, court papers and his will. William Shakespeare left behind his legacy of work, which is still admired by million of people. For me he is the examples of brilliance and excellence. By 1592, he established himself as a talented writer and actor. Any discussion of Shakespeare’s life is bound to be loaded with superlatives. Shakespeare wrote thirty-eight plays. Taken individually, many of them are among the world’s finest written plays, taken collectively, they establish Shakespeare as the foremost literary talent of his own Elizabeth age, and even more impressive, as a genius whose creative...