The Fall of Newsprint

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Before the internet was available at the palms of one's hand, and before one could instantly pull up any latest or past headlines on their computer; even before computers began so small and so compact that they could fit into a purse or file case. Before the DVR made it easier to save and re-watch coveted news programs, before XM radio, or even before radio in general, there was a heavy reliance on newspaper.

Newspapers have been around since the renaissance. During this era announcements and other information were hand written and passed along through merchants. The 1400's Germany, the printing press was invented and thus the circulation of newspapers began.

Before television and radio, Newspaper was the quickest headline news. Aside from the proverbial "grapevine", communication. The daily paper, or weekly paper depending most available form of information or connection to the events of the world. Newspaper was the only reliance other than Radio, which most did not own (same as the television when it was first invented).

The daily paper, or weekly paper, depending on the size of the town, was the most available form of information or connection to the events of the neighborhood or the county.

The Huffington Post is a blog. With daily increasing numbers of subscribers and has grown to a reliable and dependable online digital news internet and sharing of information, digital news have grow as technology grows. Because there are so many sources, readers can to find catch news, that is now primarily catered to the interest, readers are able to find the news source that interest them In order to survive newspapers need advertising dollars higher the circulation number the more valuable the advertising premium price is paid for advertising space.

Newspapers and advertising: Advertisers are going to put their advertising...