Fall Of Troy

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The Fall of Troy Due to Achilles knew that his own death was near, he wanted to establish a great military exploit again before his death. At last , Achilles finished Memnon¡¦s lift in a splendid battle and in the hero¡¦s last war. After Memnon¡¦s death he himself fell by the Scaean gates. Because of Paris shot an arrow at him and Apollo directed it in order to attack his foot in the one spot where he could be hurt his heel. He died by them. His weapon that Thetis had brought him from Hephaestus was the most factor that caused Ajax died.

For the sake of arms, there was a secret vote between Ajax and Odysseus after that Odysseus got the arms. Ajax suicide by his sword. The Greeks would not burn his body. They considered that a suicide should not be honored with a funeral pyre and urn-burial.

The Greeks¡¦ prophet Calchas told them that he had no message from the gods but among the Trojans had a prophet who knew the future, called Helenus, caught him and the Greeks could learn from him what they should do. Odysseus succeeded caught him. Helenus said that: until one day a person fought against the Trojans by Hercules¡¦s bow and arrows, the Trojans would fell. Hercules who had the bow and arrows gave to the person that had fired his funeral pyre called the prince Philoctetes and later he joined the Greeks host while they sailed to Troy. On the traveling, Philoctetes was hurt by a serpent. The wound would not heal. The Greeks Army could not wait so they keep the prince at Lemnos. But when they keep him alone they felt it was cruel for him. In the end they persuaded him to go with them. As back...