Fallacy Summary and Application

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Fallacies are common in the world but also very commonly overlooked. They are everywhere in the news, advertisements, organization, and even said between two people. People usually do not pay any attention to a fallacy. They are usually recognized when someone is looking for them. They are often pointed out all over the news, in journals, etc. Below, there are many different fallacies listed. Some are from reading material and some are from current news. The current news fallacies are found to me the most interesting. They catch ones eyes to then begin to question the reasons that are hidden behind the statements made.

Fallacy One

"Of course Nixon was guilty in Watergate. Everybody knows that." This is a common belief fallacy. Take a child who happens to be 10 years old. He or she probably does not know Nixon was guilty in Watergate. He or she probably has not learned about Watergate in class.

The common belief fallacy is used more often than people think. There could be something that happens to be common knowledge to one person but not to another.

"The average golfers of today do have difficulty in keeping the left arm perfectly straight.

That's primarily because they did not start training to do so when they were young and supple. It takes months of training for youngsters to develop a taut left arm in the backswing. But then, those golfers who are dedicated and talented enough excel at the game are usually the ones who have incorporated the basic motion early on" (Benning, 2006)

Golfers, Trainers, and someone's golfing buddy are always discussing keeping the left arm straight when going into the back swing. If this is true, why are so many good golfers not doing this? Why are people still teaching this to young...