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A post fallout journey The year is 3821 A.D. about 1000 years after the world war that destroyed most of life on earth. Not many people are sure what started the war but people know the power of the weapons that were used to destroy earth. Each missile fused with an atom of terror caused the whole world to resist nature. Nothing could grow or live because of the nuclear fallout and dust in the air, which blocked the sun, froze earth. Every country in rubble struggled to live a life the can. Now earth is becoming what it was one thousand years before.

My grandparents tell me this ancient story. I've never seen earth before. You see my family was one of the many who went to space to colonize other planets of the solar system before the Great War on earth started.

Where I begin my journey of a long life story is on the planet Mars, one of many planets, which have been colonized.

Here I live my life just as any human or Martian as they would do on earth. But there is a war about to breakout between the colonies of earth. People of the moon want to be in their own private union under their rules. But the people of earth didn't want everyone to spilt to their own nation. It became a huge dispute and became a war finally. Mars out of the picture we didn't really care about what they were doing. Both sides asked us, Martians, to side with them. Anyhow we didn't. Kept perfectly out of it.

After 3 months of war the earth invades the moon and gets liberated. Earth now blood thirsty of power declares war on Mars. We accept and fight it of. All citizens of Mars are forced to defend the planet as best as we can. I get sent to the mobile infantry away from my family and get sent out to the enemy lines. I wasn't even trained to do that task of defending the country. But soon I learned the war was about. Like what happens and what I should do. Basically I was getting my training done in a video. Anyhow not soon after that they taught me how to use the guns they supplied me with. Like the tactical combat suit which could withstand any plasma rifle shot. The automatic photon rifle I was issued and the smart gun which told me how far and where exactly the person or enemy is.

Finally I am a proud Martian solider right to fight any enemy. I now get sent to the moon to turn it over to the united Martian republic. The trip being 2 weeks, I try to enjoy it just in case I do die. War probably isn't a bad thing at all so I worry.

On the trip there I make friends that I should never give up. A friend I meet is, Andy, probably the nicest person I ever met. We were best buds on the day we met. So we made a promise to each other to never let each other that we will help each other out no matter the situation. We agreed and kept it from that point on.

Early in the morning we feel a hard rumble in the ship. We wake up but we finally get to the moon. What the shaking was. It was an explosion from a rocket they shot at us. We shoot down their defenses and land on the moony surface. Our commander tells us the plan and not soon after that the doors of the ship open. People run out but all of them get shot. Limbs, organs, blood flying out everywhere. Like a bloody massacre you would not even seen in movies. I was wrong"¦war isn't what it seems.

Scared, I charge out and look for cover. Andy and I found a spot right behind their wall. As we waited for people from our military to come and get settled, bright lights from lasers, bullets from guns, explosions were everywhere you looked. Seeing people die in everyway was something I couldn't digest. Finally our air support came and blew away everything that was a threat. Finally we invaded their capitol city. Running in I shot three people one right in the head causing it to burst the two others right in the chest.

Hours later"¦ we succeed in taking over the moon. But I can't believe I had to sacrifice the wonderful life I had on Mars to do this murderous work that only people with hearts of stones would do. I'm actually sacrificing something to get something better out of it. A whole better world that is. Soon we're going to settle the dispute with earth. Calling it even to prevent the race to humans united.

Well they said they would accept to this matter. But I guess things are too good to be true because right when we were going to go back to mars they attacked once again. So we invaded earth. Broke their defenses and landed. For the first time in my life I found out what earth was like. Everything was in rubble. No life, nothing was there to stand.

It was so bad I couldn't even tell where everyone was living. But it turned out everyone lived in the ground so we had to invade. Everyone was dying. Finally they called for a retreat and they said to use a backup plan. I wondered what it was. So did Andy. As we left earth this beam went strait pass us and blew up earth. How can they do that! But sacrificing things are for a better I guess"¦ After that war I lived a happy life. With my family and I now know what things are important in life. But I should go back into studying? Perhaps read a book. As I look through my bookshelf, I find a book called the odyssey.