False Patriotism in America

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Patriotism is a great thing. Most may think they have patriotism, but they in fact have a false form of it. After the tragedy that occurred on September 11th suddenly flags started going up everywhere outside of every house and store, some even painting their houses or fences with the colors of America. But were we really showing our grief for the innocent people that were killed? Or were we subconsciously just trying to fit in with our neighbors, or making sure we were not looked upon as unpatriotic. No one cared about America on September 10th, so now because we put a flag outside our house or a sticker on our car we can feel good about ourselves and claim to be a true patriot. Surely not all of us were expressing genuine patriotism.

The crimes that were committed on the 11th of September were dreadful and should always be mourned of.

However the way that most dealt with it was even worse, pretending to express their sympathy.

Meanwhile the true patriots have actually been helping the “War on Terror” by cleaning New York City, sending money, or joining the army.

Another good example of false patriotism can be found in the United States Government. Just about every official, senator, congressman, vice-president, and president over the last 50 years have been an example of false patriotism. For instance as we view presidential campaigns we see the candidates doing kind acts like cleaning up trash in parks, helping the homeless or playing with young children. But they are only doing this for one reason only, to gain votes for their campaign. They do not truly care about the society and they have no intention of continuing to help the community after the election is over. This is opposite to what...