Falsifiabiliyt Paper

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Falsifiability Paper

Sociological researchers take the data that is accumulated during testing to analyze it in order to study their hypothesis. There are four common techniques used during sociological testing such as the observational study, the case study, the survey, and the experiment. One scientific method, also known as an experiment, is used to compare the facts, data, and information provided after testing, by using either dependent variables in an opened atmosphere or independent variables in a closed atmosphere.

The two different styles of experimenting are known as field experimenting and laboratory experimenting. Field experimentation is conducted in an atmosphere that has natural surroundings, while laboratory experimenting is conducted in just that, a laboratory. Experimenting is supported by the people of positivism due to the many advantages it provides. The supporters of positivism support the use of experiment due to its many advantages.

One supporter of positivism was Karl Popper, Popper understood the method of experimenting to be beneficial because it permitted the type of accuracy in creating and recurring testing of prediction that he supports. Because of its accuracy in creating scientific results, examiners can be more secure because their theories are now able to be scientifically tested.

The independent variables, during laboratory experimenting, can be controlled and manipulated however they wish. In research, variables can be added or taken away, this helps to determine how effective the dependent variable is during that study. This permits one to make a guess and create correspondence, fundamental associations and hypothetical laws linking the variables. For example, if researchers are looking for a cure for cancer, he or she may detach the dependent variables and insert outside elements to examine what effect if any, would take place even if in the end the cancer...