Faluire And Sucess

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Often times as one goes through life, it is easier to place the blame on something or someone then to accept responsibility for ones actions. Accepting the blame is a means of admitting to failure, that is something that many people find hard to say. Like one of the great philosophers said "The two hardest things to accept in life are failure and success."� Success and failure work hand and hand, they teach you who you are and what can achieve. For example, Albert Einstein was told he was mentally challenged for not thinking on the same wave length as everyone else. But he was determined to succeed and after many attempts he came up with the well known formula, E=mc2. The constant failure lead him to the development of his character. To Albert Einstein success after many failures is more rewarding then success would have been after his first try.

It was the combination of success and failure that led Albert Einstein to be important in his time, just as it is the combination of success and failure that deem importance to our society today.

Admitting to failure makes it possible to overcome mistakes, learn from them, and put that knowledge to use. If one is unable to accept failure to their own action, they will therefore be unable to strive for success. "Each new morning brings another chance to succeed, as this thing we call failure is not the falling down but the staying down."� It was once said that an error is not a mistake unless you choose not to correct it. This is true for everything in the world today, as a lesson learned is generally a good thing, and a lesson overlooked is no good at all. A good example of this is relationships. We...