Fame And Drug Abuse

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I'am going to write my discursive essay on a very common topic arised in the media world, "Fame And Drug Abuse".

I decided to choose this topic as not many people know why celebrities harm their bodies in such a way thatno one can explain. I'am going to tell you about some of the celebrities who are classic examples of "Major Drug Abusers".

Celebrities are the people in our lives who we aspire to be one day, but not if they are snorting cocaine,smoking marijuana, injecting heroin and taking all sorts of illegal drugs to get a kick out of them.

Amy Winehouse is a perfect example as she has a major drug addiction which no doubt will kill her.

Amy Winehouse is a singer who had a great career when she came to the spotlight and ever since the years have went on Amy has been taking all sorts of drugs from , Amphetamines to Valium, not to clever you may think.

Also Amy is a celebrity who likes to hide her drug addiction and wants no one to know about it,: thats kind of hard when she is so promenently in the public eye.

Amy Winehouse so obviously flaunts her drug abuse that we can only assume she’s actually trying to promote it. The amout of drugs this woman consumes is astronimacal and it has to stop. In one of Amy's songs Rehab its says "they tried to make me go to rehab but I said no,no,no", This is actually quite strange because she has been in and out of ever since. What is it that makes Amy strive for these drugs? Is she in "Self Destruct Mode"? Only Amy can answer this. Well, one of the reasons amy may have started is she went out with a...