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Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home. Have you heard this phrase? I really believe in this because home is where the family is, and there's nothing like being welcomed by the arms of the ones you love. Man was not put on this earth alone. He was given a partner to share everything which is important to him like love, joy, sorrow, and even hate. In the same way, people need to be a part of a group because it is human nature to feel a sense of belonging. Also, people can learn and develop more within a group. In the articles about different types of families, there are three themes that are present in at least more than one article. These themes are government, geographical location, and gender roles. The core of society is made up of the family. Each member plays his or her role which complements the other family members.

Government policies have prevented both Lesbians and Blacks from living a normal family life. The article "Black Families in Canada" talks about how racism and sexism in education and employment lead to the high rates of unemployment and poverty among blacks in Canada. (Calliste 2001) Before the 1960's Blacks were imported solely for their labour power and not for permanent residence in Canada. (Calliste 2001) Many black fathers could not earn enough money to support his family because of the Canadian Immigration policy. This policy entitles an average black man to earn $150 a month less than white domestics. (Calliste 2001) This in turn forced the women of the house to work outside of the home to maintain the financial survival of their family. Table 2 in the article Black Families shows that black families particularly in Nova Scotia,