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In your life when you are unexpected. There is a person that is very close to you tend to destroy your life. Everyone had been through these kinds of situation before. As for me, my problems are dealing with sister Michelle. She is jealous, evil, and a back-stabber.

First of all, my sister Michelle is very jealous. She wants to be the smartest one in her family. For instance, if she has lower than a B in her classes she would complain about her grades and gives her teachers a hard time in school. In the other hand, I'm not really that bright in school. And she likes to tease about how dull I am, but it didn't bother me. When I was a senior in high school, I showed her that I could be capable in competing with her too. During that year I achieved on the honor roll and she didn't.

She was jealous about it so she threatened me not to attend the honor roll program. I was really furious at her reactions because she was being possessive towards me for no reasons and I will not let her intimidated me. In addition to that, when I graduated from Washington High School in May. My parents brought me a car that they had promised. Michelle's behavior became so repulsive that she contradicts me about how stupid I look, made all her friends to rebellion against me, and embarrassed me to all the people at church. Just because her parents didn't buy her a car she doesn't had to put everything on me.

Second, Michelle is full with evilness. Last summer, when she dated a guy name John. Her attitude began to change dramatically. My parent's regulations are really strict on her because a girl in their family tradition should earn respect to able to receive respect from them. One day she went over the limit because she wasn't doing well in school, came home late at night, skipping school, and think that she could do whatever is right with her boyfriend. So my parents restricted her from being with her boyfriend because of that. She became so upset with the situation of not able to do what she wanted to do. So one day she decided to set me up with the idea, that I had stolen her boyfriend's money. My sister Michelle's plan was to get rid of me because she thinks that I'm the one who is putting words in my parents mind to regulate her freedom. She filed me to court and the process is forever. She thinks that she can ruin my life just because she took me to court. I didn't know that my sister was that evil to do such thing like that to me. Right now I am still going to court because of that and I will never forgive her what she have done. Also, she had threatened my parents because she feels like my parents didn't love her. So one day she opposed my parents' opinion and move out of the house. She used my parents name to get things that she wanted. Like credit cards, loans, and useless magazines to repay my parents. She was so evil to my parents that she was against my parents' respects toward tradition.

Last, my older Michelle is a back-stabber. For example, Last winter I remembered when we were going to the Milwaukee New Year; a Hmong tradition event that held every year in December. I was in a rush to get there and on the highway the police pulled me over. The police officer gave me a ticket because I was going over the speed limit. After that, I told her not to tell my parents at all or they will kill me! The next day, she told my parents about what had happen to me. I got into trouble with my parents, and my parents didn't let me drive their car again. Why is she so different now? That day on, I discovered that my younger sister Michelle is changing. This conflict didn't happen to me only, but it happen to my parents too. Last spring when my parents went on vacation to Florida. She was responsible for looking after the house. That day she invited all her reckless friends over to have a house party. When I came back home that night, I saw two police cars. I didn't know what have happen. The two police officers were questioning my older sister about the problem that had taken place. She was blaming everything on my parents that they let her party like this every weekend. I was amazed how she lied so much just to get away from the police officers, but she got caught anyways. When my parents arrived home, they were surprised that the police officers issued them two tickets; one ticket for disturbing the peace and the other ticket for letting underage people drink. My parents were so mad at her that they didn't trust her again.

In Conclusion, my older sister is jealous, evil, and a back-stabber. You have to be cautious with the people around you. The people that are closet to you are the ones to backfire on you. I warn you to stay away from the people who have these kinds of qualities!