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Imagine yourself being in a country where the governments main concern is themselves and not the people, where the only education that children receive comes from what their parents teach them through generations, the only way to survive is to work everyone in your family to put food on your table, and the only jobs available is hard labor. This type of life style is very common in places other than America, families have gotten used to the hard work and no education system, this lifestyle has been passed down from generation to generation. Now imagine a country where their focus is mostly on the education and the future of the children,, a country that gives everyone the opportunity to make something of themselves, where there are plenty of job opportunity's for everyone who wants to work. A lot of families choose to leave there existing home countries and move to America, even the infrastructure of America can lead to families moving in, the environment is a lot more safe and stable to raise a family.

With the many changes that a family that makes a transition like this assimilating in American society can be difficult for first generation families.

When attending school, children have a hard time adapting to a new language. Although it may be easy for some and difficult for others, they still have to learn the language because its necessary for them in later years, Some children go to school at an earlier age and develop the skills to learn the language a lot faster than those who start at a later stage of school. It can often be confusing for A child to learn a new language and come home and continue to speak their native language.

It can also be hard on the parents...