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The purpose of this paper is to address family in the light of Sociological theories. Sociology is the study of society and the demeanor patterns of a specific group or culture (Ritzer G. and Goodman J. D., 2003). When it arrives to endeavoring to interpret and realize society, there are three major points of view that an individual сan take. These are the functionalist outlook, which is mostly founded on works by Talcott Parsons, the conflict outlook, sometimes referred to as Marxism, as Karl Marx made an important assistance in the direction of this idea, and the Interactionism outlook, the most important supplier to the body of concepts making up what is now called Interactionism is George Herbert Mead. Although in most ways these views exactly resist each other, finally, each viewpoint trying to do the same thing, that is, explain why society is like it is today.

Functionalists glimpse society in a somewhat optimistic way.

They glimpse groups as interdependent, employed simultaneously for the good of the entire society. They maintain that associations and groups are mostly benevolent, and that they are there for good purposes. An individual who takes the functionalist viewpoint sees society as usually functioning easily, and perceives that very little change is required, as groups being interrelated means that change in one locality will have an effect on the entire society. The functionalist outlook, while helpful in interpreting organizations and purposes of diverse groups in society, tends to gloss over the contradictory facets of society, over-explaining them in order that happenings which could have a large contradictory influence on society appear trivial and unimportant. Where agreement is not occurrence, it is the conflict outlook that has the better interpretation (Bergsten, Vern L. et. al., 2005).

The conflict idea perceives society as stratified, i.e., having...