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We were at our holiday house in Phillip Island on Woolami, we had just bought it and we were all having a great time. My brother and I spent most of our time on the beach body boarding and getting sun burnt, my brother enjoys the beach a lot more than me, body boarding loses its appeal to me after I have been dunked a few times, also the water around Woolami beach is very cold. My mum spent most of her time sun baking on the beach and occasionally going swimming or body boarding. When mum is body boarding you can always hear where she is by listening for a scream as she catches a wave. My dad has been fixing up the house and adding improvements, either fixing the leaks in the roof or building the new cabin in the backyard. I think that is what he enjoys most about our new house, the renovations.

We bought the house about a week ago, it was not a very attractive house, the walls are made of fake brick and the inside looks worse, peeling plaster, the roof not painted, and carpet that is falling apart. The backyard is not much better, a drive runs alongside the house into the backyard, there is a terrible looking cabin there and a carport that looks like it will fall down. There is a very deep drain that runs between the drive and the fence. Dad already has the house looking a hundred times better than when we first bought it and we are planing on improving it more.

Every night we have a BBQ, we sometimes have friends over but not very often. Dad usually does the cooking on the BBQ while mum is making salads in the kitchen, after my...